Little Valley Area Chamber of Commerce

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Mailing: 9053 Rt. 242
Little Valley, New York 14755
Phone: 716-938-6224
Toll-free: 1-800-437-8147

About the Little Valley Area


Our Website

Who made the Website?
Dallas Thurn

What/who is DT Media Service?
This is who make the Website. Since the Chamber of Commerce had to
apply for a grant for Website advertising, we needed to place an company
name. DT Media Service is not an official business. However, they are
always looking for freelance work for now.

Where is the site hosted?
Our site is hosted with Yahoo Hosting. We are very happy with them.

Features: low cost, domain name, E-mail addresses, 99% site uptime.

Who owns the domain name?
Currently, Stacy Thurn

What do you use to create the site?
For our main site we use Nvu

Were there earlier versions of the site?
Yes, three. One with Microsoft Word and the other with Microsoft Publisher, and the last one was made with Nvu.

When did the new site go online?
September 2nd, 2009

Can DT Media Service make me a site?
Yes, it will be reliable freelance work.

Will there be a new version of the site in the future?
Most likely. Maybe 2 years from now (March 2009). Any of our sub-domains
are made with Nvu.

Are you looking for anyone to help you with the site?
Yes, but with funding, it will be volunteer work, possibly a bonus for
exceptional work.

What are looking for help with?
Snowmobile forecast, bloggers, photographers.

Whats up with The Web Guy?
That is Dallas Thurns' personal technology and web news site. This is where you can find his portfolio.

Are the old versions of the site online?
Not yet, but most likely will in the future. They won't be updated though.