Little Valley Area Chamber of Commerce



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Find a new home in the Little Valley Area.

Buy new office equipment.

Trade-Buy-Sell your horse.

Sell your clunker.

Mailing: 9053 Rt. 242
Little Valley, New York 14755
Phone: 716-938-6224
Toll-free: 1-800-437-8147

Little Valley News Network/The Coffee House

This is the place where you can find all the news for the Little Valley area. You can also discuss different topics from the area.

Member Portal

This is the social network for Little Valley. Anyone is free to join. It is a great place where you can upload your photos of Little Valley. Share with your friends to and get them on here.

Little Valley Connect

The Ning network has been delated due to the upkeep and low number of users.

Little Valley Guestbook

The guestbook has been closed due to a low number of users.

Little Valley Blog

We don't use our blog much anymore as we moved most of everything to the News Network. You can come here and view our occasional stories.