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Mailing: 9053 Rt. 242
Little Valley, New York 14755
Phone: 716-938-6224
Toll-free: 1-800-437-8147

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                                Pat McGee: Rails To Trails

                Take a stroll on the biking or walking path. You can
                                see many beautiful scenes.

                                 Cattaraugus County Fair

                The Cattaraugus County Fair has been a tradition to
                    many families. If you have never been there, you
                                    definitely should.

                                 Little Valley Riders Club

               Join the Little Valley Riders Club to go on exciting and
                adventurous rides throughout the year. They host
                                many events in the summer.

                                  Little Valley Speedway

               This is the next best thing to NASCAR. Go to the races
                             and cheer on your favorite driver.

                                       Little Rock City

               Little Rock City is located in the middle of nowhere.
              The location is very peaceful for a picnic and walking
                                   around the huge rocks.

                                      Amish “Country”

              This is an extremely fun activity to do if you are looking
                for something to do. They offer many great services.

                                    The Crosspatch

              Have you ever wanted to learn how to ride? If you
             answered yes, then this place is right up your alley.

                             Mager Mountain Alpacas

              See the unique animals at the local alpaca farm. After
                        your done, stop at the So-Soft Gift Shop

                                 Snowmobile Trails

                      Snowmobile Trails throughout the County.

                        Cattaraugus County Building

             You can find many great services here. Tourism office,
                                    DMV, sheriffs dept.